image of woman smiling at children in classroom

Qualifying students in grades 4 through 5 are eligible to participate in the GATE program. To qualify students are ranked on the following criteria: Performance on California Standards Test (CST), performance on an ability test, current grade point average, teacher recommendation, and other factors which may impact educational success. All teachers are qualified to teach the GATE students. A before-school enrichment program is offered one morning each week for approximately 28 weeks of the school year. The enrichment program provides students with exposure to topics not usually presented during the regular education program.

Fourth Grade Camp

Towards the last two weeks of school, the 4th grade students at our school pack their bags and spend one day at the Tehachapi Mountain Park. Students and their cabin leaders enjoy the wonderful outdoors. Many parent volunteers are needed in order to make this trip a success. If you have a 4th grade student this year get ready for this wonderful educational event.

School Wide Technology

Internet access is provided in every classroom as well as in the computer lab. The availability of computers allows students to support learning with technology in individual work, small group projects, or large group instruction.