image of principal Kendra Bailey
Principal's Message:

Greetings Parents and Families,

This year I begin my 7th year as Principal of Golden Hills Elementary School. It is a privilege and a blessing to serve the students of Tehachapi in this role. Golden Hills Elementary School is a truly special place. Our staff is second to none, our families are exceptional, and our students are the reason behind everything we do.

Over the course of my years in this position, our school and district have seen many changes, none more challenging than what we experienced during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. While this situation has tested us, we will use what we learned during this experience to make in person learning even better for all students. Due to rapid technology learning, we will be better prepared to give our students the skills they need in the careers of the future. Our teachers and classified staff have learned countless new ways to engage young learners. Most importantly, we will value our time together in a more meaningful way.

I truly look forward to serving the students and families of Tehachapi over the course of the 2021-2022 school year!

Kendra Bailey


Mission & Goals


Our mission at Golden Hills Elementary School is to teach academic skills and enhance self self-esteem among students and staff by maintaining a positive, safe atmosphere that encourages creative thinking and responsible decision making.


  • To maintain a spirit of cooperation between school and home that will allow us to maximize the educational experience for all
  • To provide a positive educational experience for all students according to their individual needs, talents, and abilities
  • To have every child reach grade level expectations.
  • To have every child and adult feel safe and cared for.
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